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Pomer & Boccia Wills and Estates Law Practice

At Pomer and Boccia, we are of the opinion that a well thought through estate and Succession Plan will allow for the efficient administration of your affairs according to your wishes.

If part of your estate is a business, a Plan will significantly benefit and protect the ongoing operation while facilitating a smooth transition of management and ownership. This Plan will, with some foresight, minimize distraction by employees, management and customers and suppliers.

Irrespective of the issue being with a business or simply a personal Estate, effective planning can also avoid any misunderstanding amongst beneficiaries, or potential beneficiaries, and could prevent the need for litigation in the administration and finalization of your Estate.

It is always beneficial to arrange your affairs in case of sudden illness, incapacity or death. Our practice can provide guidance in all areas of estate administration being;

  • Estate planning
  • Powers of attorney for personal care
  • Succession planning
  • Dependant relief claims
  • Tax planning
  • Mental incompetency issues
  • Establishment of trusts

For assistance with your will and estates litigation, contact:

  • David Pomer at (416) 213-7450 ext. 2301 or
  • Or call toll free 1-888-544-3328
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