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Pomer & Boccia offers all the services of a collection agency and much more.

Most collection agencies are not able to provide the comprehensive range of both collection and legal services that our professional corporation can. If a collection agency is not successful in collecting a debt, then the client must begin the process again by seeking out legal assistance or using a paralegal contracted by the agency in order to effect collection.

In addition, our orientation is different. Pomer & Boccia is willing to spend considerably more time and effort over a longer period of time than other collection agencies would. Our firm is set up to send legal collection letters, provide skip trace debtors capabilities, institute standard collection activity and provide any legal action required, and follow up on payment arrangements.

These activities are supported by an advanced collection processing platform and system Techcom DRS, which can generate letters, handle all accounting and produce a variety of reports, couple this with the employment by our firm of legal professionals, experienced collectors and other support staff and you are assured the best of both a collection agency and a legal firm.

While Pomer & Boccia offers a full litigation capability, our focus is on pre-litigation collection so as to minimize the time in which receivables remain overdue, and avoid unnecessary court costs.

Pomer & Boccia Professional Corporation has collection agency license capabilities in all Provinces and Territories throughout Canada. Further Pomer & Boccia Professional Corporation has legal affiliations in all regions of Canada to better serve our clients interests.

Latest News

Pomer & Boccia has for the 3rd time in the last 6 months been able to attain 3% more market share from a major client to bring it to a 2 year high. We are looking forward to successfully gaining more market share within the upcoming months with our major plan to be the main player in Canada for this client.

Pomer & Boccia are currently in negotiations with many major institutions and telecommunication networks across Canada. Our track record with regards to the above bears well for the future growth of Pomer & Boccia Professional Corporation.

Career Opportunities

As a Pomer & Boccia employee, you are a partner in our Company's success. We encourage a strong work environment that is challenging and exciting.

Pomer & Boccia is always looking for capable and professional individuals striving to build a career in a team environment where employees are set up to succeed. Please contact us.


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