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Pomer & Boccia Technology

Pomer & Boccia believes in achieving the highest standard of reliability and uptime. To achieve this having the right technology and team is the highest importance. Our corporation runs on the latest technology and software to achieve a high quality work environment. Microsoft Corporation Server-client technology is used in our primary site with all workstations in all locations being Windows XP Professional. Utilizing the latest and greatest operating systems standardized across all our sites on up to date hardware helps us provide a higher uptime percentage an achieve higher security and reliability. Techcom Software Solutions DRS is utilized across a T1 line connection, again providing us with reliability and assuring our clients of data integrity and security. Techcom DRS has proven itself to be the best tool in achieving company collection targets for our clients. Due to client and Techcom confidentiality agreement we are unable to provide any further information regarding DRS, Sal Santoro, director of marketing and system integration at Techcom Software solutions can be contacted at 905-851-6143 to answer any questions regarding the DRS system.

Due to the rapid evolution of information technology, our efforts are concentrated on providing the latest methodologies for capturing and forwarding client required information. With a proactive stance our firm is always looking to upgrade the IT and Electronic capabilities in the collection environment. We have on staff a full time IT Manager. Our current IT Manager brings to Pomer & Boccia 15 years of IT experience and in keeping with our leading edge thinking we address our ability to meet future client needs through consultation with several IT Management Consulting and Development firms and consistently research new software applications to meet todays and tomorrows client needs.

CallRex Call Recording

This application is used in conjunction with our Mitel SX-200 ICP VOIP Telephone system. CallRex Call Recording software enables us to:

  • View real-time status of users
  • Silently monitor calls
  • Record 100% of calls
  • Set triggers for automatic recording
  • Record calls on-demand
  • Configure users into recording groups
  • Easily search, retrieve and playback calls
  • Export call recordings for email, link to CRM and more


Pomer and Boccia have invested in the award winning StrataDial VC2 virtual call center equipment. This predictive dialing engine which is built on a robust and mature pacing algorithm that guarantees highly accurate call progress detection and ensures rapid screen-pops and lightning fast voice connects to your call center agents. This dialer that enables our business to automatically broadcast phone messages without the use of call center agents. It is designed for organizations that need to contact large volumes of people in a very short period of time and delivers a digitally produced voice announcement and, unlike most other automated dialers, comes standard with functionality such as notifications, reminders, and qualified lead generation.

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