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Pomer & Boccia Civil Litigation Practice

Pomer & Boccia law firm acts on behalf of a variety of clients including individuals, sole proprietors, large and small companies and financial institutions.

It is true that most conflicts should be resolved at an early stage, but some will not be. Unfortunately there are always cases that have to be litigated. We offer our clients sound judgment so that we can strategically identify those cases that really must be fought in court, through mediation or at arbitration.

Pomer & Boccia provide advice on when to fight, and when we do, we fight with fairness and civility, which is our defining principle.

Our litigators have significant experience appearing before all levels of trial and appellate courts. We have represented clients before a wide range of regulatory boards and tribunals.

  • Our Litigation services include:
  • General Commercial Disputes
  • Real Property Disputes
  • Estate Disputes
  • Labour Disputes
  • Family Law Disputes

For assistance with your civil litigation, contact:

  • David Pomer at (416) 213-7450 ext. 2301 or
  • Robert Boccia at (416) 213-7450 ext. 2401 or
  • Or call toll free 1-888-544-3328
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