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Pomer & Boccia Corporate and Business Practice

At Pomer & Boccia, we have significant experience working with business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve their visions. You may be in the process of preparing to launch a business or you may have been running it for a number of years. Regardless of the situation, at one time or another you may face business challenges. You may be requiring financing, or advice from professionals who understand your corporate needs and can help you through various business related issues.

Please review the following business law areas, which Pomer & Boccia specialize in:

  • Purchase and Sale of Business

    When businesses change hands, many different issues must be considered. There are tax implications, employee issues, regulatory concerns and much more. Our lawyers have completed numerous transactions and have helped diverse organizations pass from one owner to the other.

    When a business is purchased or sold, we closely review and negotiate terms to protect our clients' rights. This review means anticipating future issues, understanding business needs and putting together agreements that enable a smooth transition.

    At the end of the day we strive to provide our clients peace of mind and restful sleeps.

  • Incorporation and Business Organization

    Incorporating can be a daunting prospect given that there are numerous laws, regulations and necessary forms. Business owners are typically confused and unsure about whether they need to incorporate or whether they should instead form a partnership or remain sole proprietors.

    At Pomer & Boccia, our Business Law specialists have helped many individuals and organizations by providing the best advice for each situation. We sit down with the owners and discuss what they want and where they see their company going in the future. By listening to our clients and considering their needs and desires, we can provide solutions that are relevant to them.

    In addition to the best advice, we can also assist businesses through the incorporation and organizational process by providing assistance with governmental approvals, name searches, by-law assessments and organizational overviews. We take the stress away from these necessary issues so our clients can concentrate on their own businesses.

  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy

    Whether a client is contemplating bankruptcy or is in business dealings with an insolvent organization, even if recovery seems impossible, we at Pomer & Boccia use our considerable expertise to produce a positive result. We have experience with all kinds of creditors' remedies, workouts and re-negotiations, as well as an in-depth understanding of proceedings under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

  • Debt Collection

    We assist small companies and large institutions in all matters concerning debt collection. Pomer & Boccia has our own full service debt collection agency registered in all provinces. Should a debt be owed to you, we take quick and forceful steps to seek payment, including court action where necessary. If a business owner is in debt, we can help negotiate a payout plan that will allow that business to remain operational.

    We protect the interests of our client creditors by carefully structuring security and acting quickly and efficiently to collect on that security. We help borrowers to organize their affairs to best minimize risks and exposure, and to defend themselves against overly zealous creditors.

  • Financial and Banking Law

    At Pomer & Boccia, we represent many different lenders in a wide range of credit transactions and provide them with second to none credit collection services as well. We map the changing legal landscape for our banking and financial services clients, and we help them negotiate their way through all phases of lending, from initial commitment to the advancement of funds.

    Pomer & Boccia provides the expertise required to complete transactions quickly and efficiently. Our broad knowledge includes all types of security agreements, priority arrangements, mortgage law and electronic registration, enabling us to support our clients.

  • Professional Corporations

    Ontario legislation now permits many professionals to incorporate, including physicians, veterinarians, dentists, physiotherapists and a number of others. While operating through a corporation will not protect you against most liabilities, there can be significant tax and operating benefits. Pomer & Boccia can help professionals decide whether or not incorporation makes sense for them. If the decision is to incorporate, Pomer & Boccia can prepare the incorporation documents and necessary bylaws and resolutions, and also deal with the appropriate governing bodies to create the corporation.

For assistance with your corporate or business legal issues, contact:

  • David Pomer at (416) 213-7450 ext. 2301 or
  • Or call toll free 1-888-544-3328
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