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How Do I Start?

If you have been served, want to sue someone or are simply faced with a legal issue that you need resolved, finding the right law firm is crucial in bringing the matter to a successful resolution. And yes, any of these situations will be stressful as they are things that you do not do on a daily basis. At Pomer & Boccia this type of work is what we do on a daily basis so no matter what your issue is, you can relax by know that the matter will be resolved and we will protect you from all the unknowns and stress.

These concerns are normal as the legal landscape can be a confusing place for many, and it's natural to feel a little overwhelmed by it.  At Pomer & Boccia, we do our best to put our clients at ease.  To find the help that you need all that you have to do is go to the areas of expertise area of the law firm and select the area that you think most resembles your situation. At the bottom of that area the name of the lawyer that specializes in that area will be listed.

Simply give him or her a call to get the ball rolling and the rest will all fall into place.

I have been served

If you have been served then you would have received a Statement of Claim as someone is suing you. Please note that you have 20 calendar days, including weekends to file a Statement of Defence with the courts to stop their process. If you do not file a statement of defence within the 20 days the party suing you will obtain a default judgement against you and you will owe the amount that they are requesting, plus costs.

If you're still not sure which area of practice is relevant to your case, feel to contact us at 416-213-7450 any time or by email at .

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