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Pomer & Boccia Mergers and Acquisitions Practice

At Pomer & Boccia, we have extensive experience in Corporate Reorganization and financing. Businesses may come to a point where change is required or desired. For example, a business may consider the purchase of a competitor company, or it may have shares in several companies and need to reorganize its share holdings for tax purposes. A good law firm recognizes the best way to direct clients through the change efficiently and effectively to ensure future success. Your legal counsel must also be sensitive to the need for business to continue as normally as possible through the restructuring process. It's important to your clients and to you.

At Pomer & Boccia, we have the expertise to implement virtually any Corporate restructuring. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to select a business reorganization strategy that works for you and your company. Once chosen, we will assist with an implementation plan that is efficient and transparent. Whatever form your restructuring situation takes, you can rest assured that Pomer & Boccia has assessed all options and selected the best for you.

Every business needs appropriate financing and we have put together financing agreements to meet our clients' objectives. We have an internal business valuations specialist to assist with determining the approximate value of your business

At Pomer & Boccia, we have relationships with both private and institutional lenders that allow us to develop solutions that work for each specific situation.

For assistance with your merger and acquisition litigations, contact:

  • Or call toll free 1-888-544-3328
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